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[1/72nd Scale] F-14A TOMCAT, ACADEMY PLASTIC MODEL #12471

[1/72nd Scale] F-14A TOMCAT, ACADEMY PLASTIC MODEL #12471

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The U.S. Navy's premier carrier-based fighter, the F-14A Tomcat is capable of Mach 2 flight and low-speed engagements thanks to its variable-geometry wings.

The F-14, developed as the main ship-to-ship fighter of the U.S. Navy, is called the world's most powerful fighter along with the F-15. The fighter's biggest feature is its computer-operated variable wing, called MSP, which is adjusted to the most efficient angle depending on the state of flight.
In terms of armament, it can be equipped with an infrared radar with a detection capability of 216 kilometers above sea level, an AIM-54A Phoenix missile (weight 56 kilograms, maximum range of 180 kilometers), a Spero sidewinder for mid-range range, and one 20mm bullet train.

  • Operational variable wing
  • Delicate panel lines and outstanding details
  • Including a variety of armaments
  • Precision reproduction of the cockpit and landing gear
  • Includes excellent detail decals

Check with part list before unsealing!
Replace and return not guaranteed when plastic is unsealed.
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